Other Policies

Preschool hours

School opens at 9:00 am and closes promptly at 12:30 pm. All children should be in school by 9:10 am latest.

Late Pick-up

It is extremely important that you arrive on time to pick up your child. Late pick-ups can cause anxiety for the children involved. It also often creates problems for the educators on duty. A window of 10 minutes after the allocated pick-up time is allowed irrespective of whether or not the center has been intimidated for a late pick-up. Hence, the latest pick up time is 12.40 pm. After this time, staff members get busy in their respective work / meetings and would be unable to take care of the child. A Charge of Rs 100 per 30 minutes will be levied on late pickup.


It is important for your child to attend regularly to get the maximum benefit from the program. In case of absence, a telephone call from the parent is appreciated, informing the school of the reason for the same.


Children often get dirty through the use of paint and other hands-on material, toilet mishap or playing outside. Please take this into consideration when planning your child’s preschool wardrobe. Please send in a change of clothes in your child’s bag everyday in case they need to change during the day. These should include diapers (if your child wears them); pull-ups (if you have begun toilet training) or underwear; shirts, bottoms and socks. Parents need to provide the school with diapers and wipes in the bag…


Parents are required to label all the belongings, like zip lock bag containing change of clothes, bags, bottles, snack box etc. clearly. Any loss of belongings that is not labeled is not the responsibility of the centre.

Bringing Items from Home:

We discourage children from bringing toys from home. We have many toys here and children will be asked to share their toy with others. Some classes have a scheduled ‘show and tell’ experience where children can bring items from home. Please make sure that everything brought in is LABELED and that no belonging is extremely valuable. The staff cannot be responsible for any lost items. Also, please make certain that no toy weapons are brought into school.

We do appreciate when parents send in a book or item that is relevant to a topic that the children are focusing on. Just let the educator know that you are sending an item in.

Please Label Everything!!!


Jewelry is not allowed in the School. The school is not responsible for the loss of any valuable items sent along with the child.


Do not send toffees / sweets / chocolates / chips / tetra pack juice with the child to school. These are NOT allowed.

Toilet Training:

We understand that most two year olds are not toilet trained and this is not a requirement at ibambini preschool.

The Centre does not assume the responsibility for potty training your ward, but is willing to work and support you in this endeavor. When your child is ready, we work closely with the parent and child, to toilet train the child in a consistent, calming and encouraging manner. We celebrate success and keep a positive upbeat attitude when the child has an ‘accident’.

The parent and school should follow a consistent and similar schedule or the child’s training will be erratic. Your child’s educators will keep you posted on progress and please keep us abreast of all news, for example, when your child comes with only underwear on!

For a child to be considered potty trained and to be allowed to come to preschool in underwear, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • The child must be using underwear at home on a daily basis for a minimum of two weeks with limited accidents.
  • The child must be able to initiate going into the bathroom on their own as needed.


While some behaviors are typical for a specific ‘age and stage’, we recognize that children learn appropriate social behaviors at different rates. With that in mind, we observe and make individual behavior plans when necessary. We believe in ‘positive discipline’, which focuses on good behavior, rather than bad. We may need to redirect a child and speak with them about appropriate behavior. When necessary, we speak to a child with a firm but caring voice. At times, it may be necessary to remove the child from the rest of the group. If a behavior persists, we will contact the child’s parents and ask them to come in for a conference. In the event that one child consistently harasses another, either verbally or physically, we will contact the parents of both children.

Parent Conferences & Evaluations:

An evaluation will be done at the beginning of each school year to assess each child’s beginning level. Parent educator conferences are held every two months. Preschool Progress Reports will be given twice per year: September and the last week/day of school in March. We strive to give your child the best early learning experience possible. We recognize that parents are truly the first and most important Educators. As we continue to provide a rich educational experience for your child, we encourage your active participation in the learning process to make it more enriching!

Withdrawal Policy:

A month’s notice in written is mandatory, before withdrawing the child from school during the session.